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We shoot sporting events regularly, currently more than any other events. So we have the experience to do it right.

Having a director, vision mixer on site, gives us the possibility to communicate with camera operators during event, so they don't need to guess who is covering the most important part of the action or maybe someone else is covering already the same thing.

Switching between cameras live, will give operators freedom to reposition, move or reframe their shots safely.

  An on-site video crew combined with a video screen allows everyone at the venue to have the best seat in the house. Catch the action from multiple angles throughout the venue.

Sponsors, VIPs, commentators, coaches can get a better view of what is happening on the field.

Live streaming means the size of your audience is unlimited. You no longer have to find a huge venue to house your viewers. It also means that people can watch from anywhere - which can save you on travel time and costs.



We shoot all sporting events in better-than-broadcast 1080p50 Full HD for the best combination of high frame rate and high resolution


We can accomodate the circumstances of any event venue.


Instantly after the event the live edited recoring is ready for review by the client.

Sporting Events: Services
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