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Post-Production refers to any work done after the video or photo has been shot.
In our case, that usually means additional editing.
Video editing times can vary greatly, but as a general guideline you can assume two hours of editing for every finished hour of video for events where camera shots aren't changed frequently (like a business conference), up to two hours per minute of video for fast-paced cuts like a music video or boxing bout.
Usually when an event is switched live post production is minimal, if any is needed at all.

Editing & Post Production
Video Editing
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Completely Customized

Video editing is the manipulation and arrangement of video shots.
Video editing is used to structure and present all video information, including films and television shows, video advertisements and video essays.


Colour Correction and Grading

Colour correction is usually done first. ... The process of color correcting makes  sure that the footage looks exactly the way that the human eye sees things.

Color grading is the process of enhancing the color of a motion picture, video image, or still image. We can alter your video according to your design.


Exceeding Expectations

We design, create special computer graphics (CG), based on your brand's  concept and direction.

Post Production: Services
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